It’s not complicated… unless we make it that way…

I recently heard an interview with Darren Hardy, publisher and editor-in-chief of Success Magazine where he stated that he believed one of his greatest talents and gifts was being able to take something complex and synthesize it in a way that made it clear and understandable by all.  Anyone who has listened to him interview some of today’s greatest thought leaders and living legends would agree with that assessment.  We are only able to really embrace and act on what we understand.  Faith can be part of the equation but even still, there needs to be some understanding.  And breaking things down to their simplest parts is the fastest path to that understanding.

This principal is one of the reasons that I love coming across great quotes.  They usually deliver a very powerful and compelling message with very few words.  Someone has captured the essence of something and expressed it in a way that paints the picture in such a universal way that we all just immediately see it.  Social media has quickly become a great place for the exchange of these thoughts. We find a sound bite that speaks to us and we take the opportunity afforded by technology to share that message.

In going through some of the posts from my favorite people today, I came across one that was shared by a friend of my daughter’s going back to her high school days.  This dynamic and endearing young lady is raising two beautiful children and never fails to lift the spirits of anyone around her even when her own days might be challenging.  That, too is a gift.  Her post is worth sharing here.  I hope it is as meaningful to you as it was for me.

Why Complicate Life?

If you miss someone … Call them.

If you want to see someone … Invite them.

If you want to be understood … Explain.

If you have questions … Ask.

If you don’t like something … Say it.

If you like something … State it.

If you want something … Ask for it.

If you love someone … Tell it.

If something needs done … Do it


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