The Magic of 10

I recently came across a recording of an interview between Darren Hardy of Success Magazine and thought leader Dan Sullivan. There were several quotable moments but the one that caused a pause.. literally.. so I could go back and listen to that segment again, dealt with taking your idea of where you want to be and using a multiplier of no less than 10 to set the actual target.  The brilliance of this startled me.  We stay small because we think small.  We know that.  We’ve heard it.  We’ve probably even said it.  But for some reason, today’s lesson dialed that last number in the lock sequence for me on this point.  Here’s what he said:  “You have to think differently to go 10X.”  We don’t just set the target, we plan how we’re going to get there.  Then we break it down into what we have to do each and everyday to stay on course.  So to go to 10X, we have to think and plan differently.  We have to change what we do daily. We may not even have to do more.  But we will definitely have to do different.

If you set the goal at 1,000 and that’s not a stretch, you’ll probably miss it just because it’s not a stretch.  It’s too easy.  Sometimes we have to feel the tingle of the challenge before we’ll even show up for the race.  If you set it at 2,000 or 2X, it’s still not going to stretch you.  So let’s get bold.

We need to resolve that we’re going to do 10X what we planned. Then re-work the plan. Because the real question is not where we’re headed.  The real question is – what do I have to be doing NOW to get there THEN.   Let’s say that the goal was $1,000 in sales per month within 12 months and you have 2 – 3 hours a day to market your business.  What is the average $$ per sale?  How many sales do you have to make to achieve the goal?  How many people do you have to interact with or reach in order to achieve that number?  Basic questions that allow you to map out the daily plan.

Now- increase that number tenfold (10X).  The goal is $10,000 in sales per month within 12 months.  And you still only have 2 – 3 hours a day to market your business.  You’re going to have to think differently, and you’re going to have to create a framework instead of just a to-do list.  You’re going to have to think about how you increase that average $$ per sale.  You’re going to have to think about how you can be reaching people without having to be personally engaged.  You’re going to have to think about what strategic partnerships can accelerate the run.  You’re going to have to think about how you keep them coming back for more and compound the value of the customer.  10X demands that.  1X does not. The game changes because of 10X thinking.

We only achieve what we believe we can achieve.  It’s that simple.  When we believe we can do 10X, we do it.  As Henry Ford said – “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Think 10X.  Then make your daily actions deliver on the promise. What a great example of possibility thinking.  It is indeed an art.

To your possibilities!


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Referred to by her clients as “The Plan B to Z Expert”, Kathi inspires them to see beyond probabilities to possibilities. They are stronger, happier and more financially secure than ever before. The result is the creation of far more value in the rest of their story than they ever dreamed possible. She serves professionals committed to continuously creating new pathways to success and significance.


  1. Very motivational. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Isi. The interview was really outstanding.

  3. Kathi, love this article. Where’s the 10x ‘Like’ button. It get’s you thinking bigger… and in my experience of helping business owners, even the ambitious or audacious ones don’t think big enough. Going to bookmark this one, thanks!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Ruth. I’m glad you found this valuable. So many times we hear things over and over like- Go big or go home – and they just become sound bites. The true meaning of the words can get lost. When Dan Sullivan said that 10X requires you to think differently it just clicked for me. Big is whatever you started with multiplied by at least 10. So simple and yet it makes a huge difference.

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