Lessons from a blog challenge: Progress vs. perfection

It has been my privilege to participate over the past 30 days in a blog challenge to create 30 new posts in 30 days.  That was the only rule.  30 posts – 30 days.  No required subject matter, length of post or even style of post.  Could be a video, a guest blogger, a book review or any number of ideas.  The organizers even gave suggestions everyday to help stimulate ideas.  The point was simply to create a framework for success, a recipe that was about doing.  Since I’m a bit of a novice at this point with blogging this was of course new to me.  But it’s proven to be a highly successful activity and attracts many participants.  Why?  Because it works.

Why does it work?  Because to do anything and do it within a defined time span requires commitment and focus.  I started a blog before this challenge.  Even had some entries.  But I found myself caught in that perfectionist vortex and couldn’t bring myself to push that publish button.  The writing needed more editing, the image wasn’t quite perfect enough, and on it went.  Sound familiar?  I read a post today on Facebook that said we often get stopped by the start.  How true that is.

I learned a number of lessons doing this challenge.  But the most important lesson was that progress does trump perfection.  Quality still matters.  We need to care about the quality of our work.  But there needs to also be a certain point when we give ourselves permission to let our work go out into the world.  Because the reason progress trumps perfection is because one is a myth.  There is no perfection.  But progress is real.  Progress delivers the goods.  And progress is ultimately what brings us to excellence.

Everything we do today with proficiency at some point in time was new to us.  Everything we know today, at some point we didn’t know.  We’ve all developed mastery along the way in something and yet for some reason, we seem to forget that it’s okay to start from where we are.  The journey doesn’t begin at the destination.  It begins where we begin.  We developed our current mastery by progressively getting better at something.  Over time.  From applied learning and effort. That’s an important thing to remember when we’re trying to decide about that “start”.

What is it that you are struggling to start?  What one thing can you do daily for the next 30 days that will put that start behind you.  You see, that’s the other  lesson I’ve learned from this challenge. The first step is in fact the most difficult.   Particularly  if it’s important.  Let’s allow ourselves and each other to get the first step into the history books and get on with our legacies.  The world is waiting for us.

To the art of possibility..

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  1. Perfection isn’t needed – all that is required is to be good enough. Polishing can happen later.

    My blog requirements are – does this post help someone, answer a question, provide value? Then that is good enough – for now 🙂

    Congrats on completing the challenge too!

  2. Thanks, Jan. Love the comment “then that is good enough – for now.” First time I’ve participated in one of these challenges. It was a great experience.

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