Which door would you open?

What one would you open?I have always been fascinated with doorways.  They range from functional openings to significant works of art.   What I have found is that I am more often drawn to the ones that take on the persona of a “doorway” to somewhere vs. just a way to enter somewhere.  There is something about setting the expectation of what lies beyond that particular portal.  Do you agree?

Doorways are where we enter.  Even if subliminally, they play a role in setting an expectation.  They can and often do set a frame of mind.  Do you feel safe entering through the door?  Do you feel some trepidation?  Is there a sense of anticipation?  Of mystery?  That is how I think of the value of how we as authors and teachers package our work.  No matter what type of publication we may be talking about, the doorway is where the journey begins and takes us to what lies beyond.

When you step back and see the doorway as a whole unit, it takes on a very unique personality and presence.  In fact though, there are some fundamental elements that will be present on all of them.  Those include form, shape, size, color, surrounding images or objects and functional components.  There may be windows that allow you to catch a glimpse of what is inside or they may close-off any view of what lies beyond.  The style of the door will be a first indication of the expected style inside.  The hardware has a basic function such as hinges and handle, but can also be a part of the overall uniqueness of the portal.  An address is going to be within view identifying a specific association to that place.

The same will be true of an effective cover.  Considering again that there is a back “door” as well, this concept expands further.  Is there a “window” giving a glimpse of what is inside?  Perhaps a quote, an endorsement, even a synopsis of the book?  Is there something of the author’s personality giving an indication of style?  An image perhaps that piques the interest and provides a preview of what is to follow?  A doorway to the story.  What pulls us into the place is also what pulls us into the work.

We hear a great deal about the fact that we should refrain from judging a book by its cover.  But the truth is:  we do.  We can expend energy on the debate, or we can embrace the challenge to meet our readers at the doorway.  We can offer them an enticing welcome to come and sit awhile with us and hear the story.  Perhaps even change their life.

Which door sparks the story?  You know, the one you need to tell.  The one your audience needs to hear.  Create that door.

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