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Andy Warhol predicted that at some point in the future “everyone would be famous for 15 minutes”.  The statement has become a catch phrase for distinguishing the famous from the infamous. In today’s instant information world of the Internet and satellite communication, it can be difficult to establish a level of sustainable fame but does seem to be playing out the prediction. 

What grows in significance then is that each profession that has some type of fame associated with reaching its pinnacle has its own unique way of measuring it.  For a writer, one way that they build their audience (or fame) is also part of how it is recognized: a book-signing event. 

The relationship between an author and their readership is unique.  While the work of course is center stage, the audience is always going to be fascinated with its creator.  The reason may stem from the fact that when the work is a book, the only way to “meet the cast” is to meet the author.  Regardless of why, there is still significant value in having a book signed by the author. 

It will be interesting to see how this tradition transitions to its next iteration in this virtual world where books themselves are paperless and book tours are virtual.  What is going to mark the “meet the author” moment?  Somehow, following them on twitter or Facebook or other social media forums does not create the same level of intimacy achieved by the exchange of words in a shared moment. 

It is an honor to meet someone that through their work impacted our life. It can be an extremely profound moment to express that and have evidence of that moment in time.  The signed book is a treasure. 

When I first began working with my book coach, she gifted me with two things:  a copy of her own work and a pen to use at my first book signing.  I pick that pen up often and envision the moment and the feeling of being on the other side of the exchange.  Perhaps my age is showing when I say that I hope that this is a tradition that somehow in some way we manage to preserve. But just in case, I’d better get busy to make sure that first book gets out there while the tradition is alive and well.

I hope to meet you there…

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