What’s in your memory box?

In my house, we have memory boxes.  They can be for a specific person, place or event but in those memory boxes are those tangible reminders of that moment in time.  Going back to the memory box allows us to recapture the magic of those moments.  Because if they got a box – they were indeed magical.

I thought about my memory boxes as I went through my day today.  It has been nostalgic for many people and was particularly so for me.  There are certain people who become icons for us as a society, symbols that over time rise above any dispute as to their value and even goodness.  Today the sheriff of Mayberry, Opie’s Dad left us.  Or perhaps you remember him as the wily and wonderful lawyer Ben Matlock.  Or maybe from early films.  One thing is certain, if you are from my generation or even that of my children, Andy Griffith’s work touched your life at some point.  The memory box we all share of that work remains available to us now because of technology.  We can re-watch and re-live his work.  And even though we cannot re-live that time, we can remember and be grateful it was part of our life experience.

Andy Griffith himself showed us that no matter how much success you’ve attained, the best part of living always remains ahead of us.  It’s even wonderful to know that some of his transition work was not perfect.  But he kept showing up and giving.  He kept knocking until the right door was opened.  He has now moved on again.  It’s a great reminder for all of us that as long as we continue on earth, so does our purpose and work.  And even after we are no longer physically present on earth, the value of our work remains.  My granddaughter will now experience Mayberry and laugh with me at the antics of Opie and company.  She will giggle and roll her eyes with me at the hysteria that was Barney.  And she will recognize as we all did the steady, loving wise man who guided them all.   Andy Griffith – another one for the memory box.

“But strew his ashes to the wind whose sword or voice has served mankind,– And is he dead, whose glorious mind lifts thine on high?– To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” (Thomas Campbell, Hallowed Ground)



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