Breakfast for dinner.. Have we met?

It started with a discussion about dinner.  What would we have?  Choices for cooking were few (pantry nearly bare).  We could order in or get take out.  But nothing was getting sufficient votes.  And then I asked if anyone would like pancakes.  For dinner they asked?  Well yes.  After all, I don’t believe there are really any rules about when we can eat certain foods.  And I love breakfast for dinner.  I always have.  So we had pancakes for dinner.  It seemed that the pancakes were better than ever.  Even the bacon (which is never right for everyone’s crunch meter..) was getting rave reviews.

By taking the food out of the context of its expected time and place, we really paid attention to it.  And appreciated it.  What started out as a ho-hum evening turned into a fun time because we had pancakes for dinner (or supper for my southern friends..).  It was as if by introducing breakfast to dinner we had a second opportunity to wake up for the day.

It made we think about what else we tend to take for granted, perhaps even ignore because it remains so tightly bound within its context.  And wonder what would happen if we took it out of context and saw it in a new light.  How would our relationship with “it” change?  Would we see it differently from that point forward? Would we see new uses for “it”?

Now consider the people in our lives.  Particularly those that seem to anonymously serve us everyday.  Waitresses, delivery drivers, store clerks – you know who I mean.  We see them often.  Sometimes more than we see our family and friends.  And yet if we saw them “out of context”, I wonder if we would even recognize them.

Perhaps taking things and people out of context and allowing a new light to shine on them is the key.  It’s that age-old concept of perspective.  Those shifts can make all the difference in the world.

A great reminder to keep things interesting.  Have pancakes for dinner.  Introduce ourselves to someone we see all the time but have never met. Mix it up a bit.  Surprise ourselves. Create a ripple of inspiration for trying old things in new ways.

Truly the art of possibility.




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  1. I often fix a “breakfast” meal for dinner (biscuits and gravy, waffles, hash, bacon/egg/cheese sandwiches, cereal), Sort of along those same ideas, we have Turkey several times a year, and my husband grills out during every season (yes, he has grilled hamburgers in a snow-blizzard before).

    Apart from that, I definitely know of situations where I didn’t recognize a person outside of their context (like meeting a schoolmate/student at wal-mart), it takes you aback and gives you pause or you have to do a double-take.

    Definitely some lessons that we could learn from purposefully taking things out of context. Thanks so much for your time and consideration on this post.

  2. Great idea, like jelly for breakfast. Or is it Jello in your neck of the woods. I remember my kids being amazed when they stayed overnight at a friend’s place and had jelly for breakfast! Suddenly the food seems way more ‘fun’ when in a different context.

  3. Taking things/people out of context; I remember meeting someone recently who I’d cast in a certain light and had that eureka moment when I realized there was more to him. This can apply to a whole lot of areas in our life from things to people to activities. Thanks for this

    • Thanks for stopping by, Sisi. I agree – there are many areas where this applies. Once we really start paying attention it can amazing to see what we’ve been missing!

  4. I guess it is like having Pizza for breakfast. When I was growing up we had pancakes for dinner about once a month. Just because we liked it. I personally have found if I eat protein like a hard boiled egg or steak, or pork barbq for breakfast, I am not as hungry throughout the day. I agree we need to shine lite on people and ideas and look at it with a different perspective.

  5. Thanks, Robin. Pizza for breakfast… brings back college day memories for sure! Many years ago…

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