If not now, tell me when….

A good friend reminded me today that Carrie Newcomer, one of my favorite musicians, has released a new album.  What I enjoy about her music goes beyond the chords, the melodies, the rythmns.  There is a fresh philosophy in her lyrics and phrasing that reminds me always of the beauty to be found in the journey.

There is a particular song from a previous album that was included again in this latest album called If Not Now.  It’s fitting for where I am personally right now.  It’s fitting for us collectively where we are right now as well.  I’m going now.  Come along….

If not now, tell me when

We may never see this moment

Or place in time again

If Not Now, Tell me when?

I see sorrow and trouble in this land

Although there will be struggle

We’ll make the change we can

If Not Now, Tell me when?

I may never see the promised land

And yet we’ll make the journey

And walk it hand in hand

If Not Now, Tell me when?

So we ‘ll work until it’s done

Every daughter every son

Every soul that ever longed for something better

something brighter

It will take a change of heart for this to mend

But miracles do happen every shining now and then

If Not Now, Tell me when?



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  1. Loved this. So true. Life is very fleeting. And your point .. if not now, when is something we should all repeat to ourselves as we go through our days and talk about sometime, and someday.

  2. Kathi, I love this, thank you so much for sharing. This is the perfect thought for the new year, and I have several things in the mix to start NOW because I got tired of waiting for the WHEN. Thank you!

  3. Thanks, Ann.

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