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No Failure

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  1. I’ve pondered this question a few times, though I’m sad to say I still don’t have the answer that feels right. I guess when I do, I’ll know my true passion, eh?

    In the meantime, I recently saw an uplifting story that came about because of that very question. In case you haven’t seen it, you can find it here:

  2. Hi Cheri! I just watched the video. What an incredible story! Very moving. We take so much for granted and we forget even for ourselves to look at the little things. I also loved the fact that they put work into not failing. What a great shift – “how can I do this and be successful? what would that take?”.. the students, the lights, the right car, safety… just as they did for her, we can also do for ourselves. Thanks so much for sharing the story. Maybe if we ask the question “what would I do today if I knew I could not fail” puts it in a different light. All the best to you!

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