Lessons from history: Some things remain true…

Recently, I have been reflecting on what has made the most difference throughout history where there were significant shifts and change that has profoundly impacted us today.   An earlier post honored a childhood legend “Dear Abby” and another Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   As I thought about these lives and others, it became clear that while the specifics were varied, the basic principles remained true.  Each of them had a vision, made a decision, and took action.

In the first case, a young mother had a belief that people needed to be able to get access to good advice.  Then she decided she could be the one to meet that need.  She took the action to go to the newspaper and declare herself and the rest as they say, is history.  Dr. King had a dream.  But he also made a decision to declare that dream.  And at every turn he took action.  All of the images that are now available at the click of a button show him in action.  So it’s about a vision, a decision and action.

So many times, we are able to understand the vision.  We’re even willing to make a decision.  But we fail to take action.  We need only to see where success has left clues in the past from others.  And then take their own advice and get started!

Here are six of my favorite quotes from historical figures on the subject:

“With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere.” (C.S. Lewis)

“We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once.”  (Calvin Coolidge)

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  (Mark Twain)

“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.” (Henry Ford)

“It’s not enough to do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” (Winston Churchill)

“It’s not what you are going to do, but it’s what you are doing now that counts.”  (Napoleon Hill)

The seventh one I’ve saved until last because it comes in the form of a challenge from Benjamin Franklin:

“All mankind is divided into three classes:  those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.”

Which are you?  If you are committed to being in the group that move, the other six questions will be great guide posts to get you started.  After all, as these wise souls have told us:  We all have to start somewhere.  Just pick one place to begin.  That is the secret to finishing – starting.  Don’t look for the time – claim the time.  Do what you know you need to do.  And if you aren’t doing something now – then go back to the start of the questions.  Just pick one place – and START!


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