Moments of magic….

Magic happens in a moment.   We are having a normal existence and then in that moment, we’re transported to a wonderland.

Last week I experienced magic going through old photographs.  I found some wonderful images of my grandparents with my daughter.  She was so young when they left us that she has no memory of them but these sweet pictures transported me back in time to a day of sunshine and grace and laughter.  A day of love.  And so it was magic.

Yesterday my magic came on a phone call.  My second granddaughter is closing in on her seven month birthday! Yes we celebrate them every month! So we’re watching for all of those miracle, magical milestones you can only have with new life.  My daughter called and asked if I was busy.  I could hear the undertone of excitement in her voice.  Not busy at all, I replied.  She warned me to be VERY quiet… (we grandparents need alot of direction you know!) and then put her phone on it’s speaker function.  And there it was.  Fairy dust and pixie bells ringing in the distance.  Sweet Keira’s laugh.  It was love.  And so it was magic.

I am moved by images and sound.  As I was researching some things today for my writing, I came across something that was my magic for today.  As the sounds of the notes began to filter through to my core being, I simply closed my eyes and allowed myself to be transported by the music wherever it wanted to take me.  There were dancers expressing their emotion and then there was the ocean.  The sky and the sound of waves in my mind interspersed with the music.  It was magic.

Einstein is quoted as saying that there are two ways to live.  One way is as if nothing is a miracle.  The other of course is that everything is a miracle.  Here is what I believe.  I believe that everything is a miracle that we allow to be a miracle.  What makes that happen?  Our gratitude for all of the things that come across our horizon.  Our ability to be in that moment and to celebrate what is there.

Sometimes to grow we have to stop.  We need to be able to savor that moment.  The magic.  The miracle.

I am sharing my moment today with you.  Sit back and close your eyes.  I hope your journey is magic.  It can be.  It’s really up to you.


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