Are you an economy maker or an economic refugee?

Have you had your career disrupted and are not sure where to turn next?  Does it seem like your market is drying up right before your eyes?  Are you ready to take action to turn your economic future around?

I recently heard someone say that it is very easy to predict the future. The tricky part is getting it right.  But there is one prediction we can make that will be spot on every time.  Look forward one year, two years, five years and you can count on one thing with certainty:  Something will have changed in your life.  You are going to be somewhere other than where you are today.  The question is not where you will be.  The question is who will decide.

If you still work in someone else’s company (corporate): there is a definite shift happening in today’s market.  The result is a changing landscape for mid to upper management levels where roles are dramatically changing – even disappearing.

If you work in your own company:  the same economic winds are blowing your direction  impacting where you fit in your market and how customers and suppliers see your  continued value.

For both, the result is also unparalleled opportunity to pioneer a new path to success regardless of current or future economic conditions.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own destiny?  Are you ready to make your life about what you do with it rather than living in the shadow of the decisions of others?  Things are not going to get better if you think in terms of getting “back to the way they were”.  That’s like asking the chicken to go back to being an egg.

The good news is that if you look for them and claim them, those new opportunities will become the possibilities that trump the dooms day probabilities you read and hear about in the news or have been experiencing first hand.

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To your possibilities…


About Kathi Laughman

Referred to by her clients as “The Plan B to Z Expert”, Kathi inspires them to see beyond probabilities to possibilities. They are stronger, happier and more financially secure than ever before. The result is the creation of far more value in the rest of their story than they ever dreamed possible. She serves professionals committed to continuously creating new pathways to success and significance.