Integrity & Discipline: Two Halfs of the Whole

Integrity=Disciipline=Keeping PromisesIntegrity is about following through on our words consistently with our actions. Our words are the “promise”.  Our actions are the “performance”.  To have integrity, the promise and performance need to match.

That is true, even when the promise is to ourselves.  Can you relate to that?  Have you ever made a promise to yourself and not followed through?

Does it seem like the priorities and commitments you make for YOU seem to drift to the bottom of the never-ending “to-do” list?

If I say that I value good health but I do not act in the best interest of my health, then I have an integrity issue.  If I say that I value financial freedom but I do not practice good financial disciplines, then I have an integrity issue.  If I say that I value relationships but I do not invest in them, I have an integrity issue.

We cannot give (or teach) what we do not have (or live).  Before we make promises to others, we need to look at the promises we have made to ourselves.

What promises are we making to ourselves that foster our growth?  Are we keeping them? What promises are we making to others to foster their growth? Are we keeping them?

Integrity and discpline are twin spirits.  One is reflected by the other.  Brian Tracy said it best when he defined discipline as “doing what you resolve to do”.  Isn’t that also integrity?  We do what we resolve to do.  We keep our promises.  To ourselves first and then to others.




About Kathi Laughman

Referred to by her clients as “The Plan B to Z Expert”, Kathi inspires them to see beyond probabilities to possibilities. They are stronger, happier and more financially secure than ever before. The result is the creation of far more value in the rest of their story than they ever dreamed possible. She serves professionals committed to continuously creating new pathways to success and significance.


  1. Hi Kathi, I like your post. Integrity and discpline should always be togheter and complementing each other.

  2. I think some of the hardest promises to keep are the ones to ourselves. Once you break a promise though, it becomes easier every time, and eventually, you are known as a “liar” and someone with little to no integrity. Thank you for this reminder.


  3. Hi Kathi, I totally agree with you.
    One of the reasons I joined the blogging challenge was because I was becoming lazy with my blogging. Yet, it’s something I know works and advise small businesses to start. My actions and advice started to become mis-aligned. Not because I stopped believing in the value of blogging, but because I was not managing my time well and leaving my own things till last.
    Great post and a timely reminder. Integrity is staying true to ourselves too.

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