Honesty & Integrity: Where it all begins..

Truth wordWhen someone holds the torch for us so that we can clearly see our way, they give us a gift beyond anything they or we could imagine.  They give us the opportunity to see truth.

One person who has done that for so many is Debbie Ford.  Today her sister has posted that she has passed away.

For me, this short clip from her on honesty and integrity sums up the foundation of her message very clearly.  We must first be honest with ourselves.  And only then can we love ourselves.  Our total self.  Her voice and teachings have raised thousands to an unparalleled level of spiritual and personal awareness.

She learned to live in peace and love.  For herself and her world.  I have no doubt that she will continue on the same way.

Godspeed Debbie Ford.

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  1. That is a lovely message, but this one is even stronger on how she was in denial about hes cancer. I just clicked this interview with Oprah: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tgw3WlOHTn0
    Such an awesome lady!

    • Thanks, Stella. That was a very good interview. Continues to show us that being honest with ourselves has to come first and that it’s something we need to practice throughout our lives. I believe the importance of her work lies in that truth – we must keep reviewing and renewing. She has another one on questions that is very good.

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