A Lesson on the Beauty of Change: A Living Sky

Technology gives us the ability to capture things previously lost with the moment share those sounds, images, and words with the world.  Visual lessons are often the most effective.  The video featured here is one of those times.

On this blog, we focus a great deal on the power, the value of change.  But we also spend time delving into and resolving the fear of change.  It is difficult to find beauty and purpose in something we fear.  But the reverse of that is also true.  It is difficult to fear something that brings us beauty and purpose.  So how do we shift our perspective and see beauty and purpose in change?

I’m fairly certain we would all agree that the sky is a vista that we all turn to for finding beauty, for seeking inspiration, for spiritual communion.  It is also a wonderful example of the beauty of change and how to see that the winds and storms of life bring their own beauty even as they are clearing the canvas for more beauty.  It is my hope that this time lapse photography of a Texas sky helps illustrate the point and will also bring some simple beauty to your day.  It did for me.

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  1. Ah, one of my favorite subjects! And your video is just magnificent Kathy – thank you for this lovely experience 🙂

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