Multiplying our joys…

Blindly following the rules has never held much appeal to me. But I’m not totally convinced it’s just a bit of a rebellious nature.  Some of it is curiosity.  And some of it is the need to understand, to know why we do certain things in certain ways vs. just doing them. Challenging the status quo seems to me to be a responsibility, something we should all do all of the time.

Some of it is also from the values handed down to me over several generations of some incredible men and women.  Always defying the odds.  Always reaching (and working) for more.  For themselves and for the next generation.  When we reach beyond ourselves for those that come from us but beyond us, we are in fact multiplying our joys in everything we do.  Every accomplishment is setting the stage for someone else’s – even generations away.  I take great joy in that.

Today my granddaughter graduated from the 6th grade.  She did so with a 4.0 GPA and as a member of the Honors Society.  She is named for her great great great (yes- 3 greats!) grandmother.  She was half-Cherokee Indian and a single Mom.  Not the easiest of things even today.  But that was her life in the late 1800’s.  And yet she persevered.  She ran her own business, had one of the first bank accounts and raised her own children to be independent, to value education and accept responsibility for their own lives and well being.  She believed in herself and them. They passed it on. The legacy started even then to do your best everyday and before you know it, you’ll leave a mark.

She didn’t have to know then that five generations later, a young girl would be named for her and would continue to follow her path of excellence.  But she knew it mattered for all of us to do our best, to be our best. And she set the example. I’d like to think that she knows about today’s news and that her joy over those many generations has been multiplied ten times over.  Mine certainly was.

So congratulations, Skylar Mackenzie Koecher!  From your Nana.. and from Great Great Great Grandmother Molly Mackenzie!  We are so proud of you!

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