Sunday’s Song: Father’s Day Legacy

When we lose someone we love, holidays that are most associated with them can be tough to face.  Even after many years.  We learn over time that what we fear most from their loss fades and is replaced by what we love most from their memory.  We don’t lose them.  They stay with us.  And those holidays can remind us how very present they remain.

And so it is for me each Father’s Day.  My dad died 25 years ago.  And yet he remains.  He continues to live on through my life.  And the life of my daughter and granddaughters.  He was a tremendous influence when he was alive.  But his absence is also an influence.  Our lives are shaped by all of our experiences.  Sometimes, those that leave us become even greater in their influence once they are gone.  When we understand that, we begin to truly understand what legacy is all about.

Because of that, today’s song is about legacy.  I am grateful for the legacy my father left for me.  He lived a life filled with faith, hope and love.  A life that exemplified everything that mattered.  There was not a day in his life that he did not find joy in serving others and loving our family.

As the song’s lyrics say, he chose to love and to lead.  He didn’t just talk about it, he lived it.  And so it is his legacy.

I am grateful.  And I am inspired.  We choose our own legacies through the way we live our lives.  Let’s all choose to love and to lead.



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