Sunday’s Song: From my mailbox..

Keith Jennings is one of my personal favorites as a writer and blogger.  If you are not familiar with him, I would say that he would be a great addition to your wellspring for insightful and inciting introspection and growth.  You can find him here and begin receiving his weekly newsletter, Root Notes.

The newsletter arrives each weekend and it is one of the messages that I always open with anticipation and delight.  And he never disappoints me.  This morning’s note was exceptionally good and that is why I decided to not only share about him here but to also include as this week’s Sunday’s Song one of the pieces he referenced.  He was writing about the value of noise and, in particular, the power of ambient noise.  The piece was intended to illustrate the role of ambient noise to help deliver the message.  Whether the message is a word, an image or a thought, there is value in the presentation.

He stated thatMaybe good writing is like ambient music—it alters the sounds around us, so we see (or hear or feel) the familiar in unfamiliar ways.” I would agree with that because it has always been my belief that the writer’s role is to make familiar things new and new things familiar.  Music often does the same.  So I was prepared to focus on the music as I watched the short film.  I know the music was there.  I know it was beautiful and completely in sync with the young boy and his quest.  And I know it did its job because it faded away as I watched even as it remained.

The message of the story is wonderful and moving.  It begs the question of what we are doing with our days to create beauty, to create healing and to create flight.  A wonderful work that is not to be missed.  It changed how I will see the world around me today.  I hope it does the same for you.


  1. Hi Kathi,

    Thank you for such kind remarks! I hope this finds you well. And I hope we can stay in touch going forward.

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