Sunday’s Song: The Power of Encouragement

Whether I am exercising the gifts of hindsight, insight or foresight – my desire is to always see through the filter of my faith.  Nothing else has the same power to shift my perspective to the right place to allow lessons and blessings to flow through.

There have been several moments this past week where the need for myself and some of those I love was not to be instructed or even to be inspired.  It was simply to be encouraged.  And in those moments, this is the hymn that always comes to mind for me. It is without question my favorite and has been since my early college days in the early 1970’s.  My favorite professor and voice coach, Dr. Taylor created a beautiful arrangement of this song for me to sing at my freshman recital accompanied by piano and flute.  Today is my then pianist’s birthday (Happy birthday, Brenda!) so it seemed entirely appropriate to mark the day with this incredibly beautiful rendition powered by the voices of Eclipse.

It is my prayer that the song lifts you as it has me over the years and that you too can know that that you are cared for beyond imagination.  After all, just look at the sparrows.

“I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free.  For His eye is on the sparrow.  And I know He watches me.”

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