Sunday’s Song: The many faces of courage (Encore!)

Today’s Sunday’s Song is an encore presentation.  This past week has been filled with moments that have been very stirring for me because of the courage I have seen in others and humbled by the work they are bravely taking on so that they can shine a light in the world. Women like Rayanne Darensbourg with the YWCA organization here in Houston who is making a difference by empowering our young women to be the difference in the world. Women like Lisa Amosu of My Trendy Place whom even in the face of events that would be disastrous for many, rose up and made a difference for so many cancer warriors. Women like Justina Page that embodies triumph and compassion.  Her book, The Circle of Fire is simply not to be missed.  And these are just a small sampling from one week.  I am so privileged to be able to move in the company of these brilliant lights.

As I thought about today’s post, I wanted to select something that I thought would be fitting to honor them and the work that they are doing.  And Jana Stanfield came to mind.  So here it is again, an encore presentation that perhaps we need to hear again in the light of real life stories, real life women, making a real life difference with their small star.


I have been a fan of Jana Stanfield’s music and message now for quite awhile.  This particular song (A Small Star) is one of my favorites because it speaks to the fact that we all need to know that our courage doesn’t just matter to us in our own moments of need.  It matters to others in theirs.  The small star is our courage and even at a distance, it’s light is bright and can mean everything to someone who is looking for that small beacon to guide their own way.

As a child, we had a song we would sing in church called “This Little Light of Mine”.   Perhaps you learned it as well.  The words still ring true.  This little light of mine – let it shine, shine, shine!

The images that have been selected for this montage are really moving.  I hope that this speaks to your heart as it did to mine.  We each matter.  We are each unique.  We each need to let our own light shine.  So that others can see it and be blessed.


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