Sunday’s Song: Everything old is new again (Encore!)

Today’s selection is an encore share from earlier this year.  It was a favorite with my readers and remains a personal favorite as well. 

This weekend I’m attending a three day conference that is focused on how we bring power back into our life or business when we find ourselves not moving in the direction we want or not growing as quickly as we know we can.  Our discussions brought this post and musical rendition to mind.  So as I wrap up day three, enjoy (again..) this encore “share” from Pachabel courtesy of The Piano Guys. 

Pachabel’s Canon in D has long been one of my favorite songs, and not just at weddings.  But I will admit, this arrangement makes me appreciate it even more.  It breathes life into it.  A bit like a repowered life.  As I was listening and watching, here are some random thoughts that came to mind:

1)  When you hit a “snag”, don’t stop playing the music, find a new way

2)  You don’t have to change the melody (message) to change the song

3)  When you move more, you smile more

4)  The music is in us even in those moments that others have to carry us

5)  Returning to our comfort zone isn’t safe, it’s boring….

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

What thoughts go through your mind as you watch?


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