Sunday’s Song: Proverbs and rain

The change of seasons is marked by many things;  The cooling and warming of the air, the turnings of color, the shedding and budding of leaves.  All of these bring about transition for us as well as we prepare for our days and lives.

When I first moved to Texas, there was a subtlety in these changes that seemed at first a bit boring, even a tad unsettling.  I didn’t realize how much of my life had been ordered by the cycles of the seasons.  Coming from the Great Lakes region I was used to extreme distinction between the seasons.  But over the years I have re-tuned my own senses to recognize the seasons as they exist here and now appreciate their beauty even in their subtlety.

As we’re moving into cooler temperatures (for those that aren’t familiar with south Texas – that means anything under 85 degrees..) one thing we experience are refreshing rains.  After long months of heat and often draught, the rains bring relief and reminders of life cycles.  When looking at proverbs on the subject, I found one that created a lovely image:

When clouds appear like rocks and towers, earth is refreshed by frequent showers.

Those rocks and towers in the sky are going to give way to refreshing showers.  Just as in life.  Everything grows and changes.  Everything gives way.

Enjoy this week’s selection from Brian Crain, a piano and violin duet called Rain.  Inspired today by the rain.



  1. Absolutely a WOW, Kathi! I was brought to tears! The music was beautiful, the scenery, breathtaking.

    Sharing your post!
    Peggy Lee Hanson recently posted..100 words of stillnessMy Profile

  2. What a lovely respite in an other Manic Monday! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and this touching video. The music and the scenery are spectacular.
    Julia Neiman recently posted..Growth vs Fixed MindsetMy Profile

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