Sunday’s Song: Out of chaos.. a promise

Selah creates moments for me unlike any other music group.  Perhaps its the simplicity of their sound even in its complexities of harmony and amidst the movement of melody.  Perhaps it is how utterly personal their message is in its content.   This particular song (and video) brought me to a state of wonder and peace.  Entitled “Hope of the Broken World” it also carries with it the message of hope amidst each of our worlds in a time of chaos, challenge, change.

The lyrics that spoke to me were these:  “Out of chaos.. a promise.  …Creation’s splendor speaks of who You are.”

This past week has been one of those rare times when it seems that every season of nature was present.  There were fresh blooms on my rose bushes and leaves turning color on my trees.  Life and release.  There were temperatures that had me reaching for a jacket and those that needed the relief of air conditioning.   The splendor is all around.  Watching birds begin to appear for the winter here in the south and seeing creatures like squirrels begin to prepare for winter.  Seeing the beginnings of the tinsel of holiday celebrations amidst signs of late summer harvests.  All of it surrounds us.  The splendor is all around.  The promise is ever present.  What an amazing God we serve.  What an amazing place we live.


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