How do you spell change? Is it working?

When we hear a word, we associate it with an image.  That’s how our brain processes words in most cases.  For example, when you hear the word book – in your mind’s eye you do not see the letters b-o-o-k, you see an image of a book.  And your relationship with books will determine what kind of book shows up.  You control the image. It can be a cookbook, a contemporary novel, a textbook, something inspirational or a comic book.  You decide.

Change and Choice and GrowthNow what happens when you hear the word change? What image comes to mind?  Is it positive?  Is it magnetic?

Does it invite change or does it create a big “caution” sign?

Control the image, control the response.

When we follow our path to dwell in possibility it means we must be actively looking for new and fresh ways to live and serve.  That requires personal growth first. And that means change. We must be open to living the fullest, most abundant lives we can, everyday in every way.

Here’s an exercise you can use to help you create a shift in your mindset when it comes to change.  It’s creative, it is fun, and it will help you grow.  (Hmmm.. Sounds like change!)

Step 1:  Select 5 words that represent or mean change and then select positive images for each.  Write Change = ____ and then fill in the blank.  Put each word and it’s image on the same side of a 3 x 5 card.  You can use events or actual words to create the list.  Some examples of events could be a raise in pay or revenue; a significant life milestone like marriage, graduation, anniversaries; reaching a goal weight or getting fit; moving to a new home, and so on.   Examples of words might be growth, re-purpose, transform, alter, improve, etc.  Use a mix of words and events.

Step 2:  Now go on-line to your favorite quote site (google if you don’t have one) or refer to your favorite book on quotations.  Select a quote that references each word or event and write that on the other side of the 3 x 5 index card.

Step 3:  For 30 days, go through your list once a day seeing the word, saying the word and looking at that image.

Step 4:  Treat the quotes as affirmations during the 30 days. Read one before you begin your day and one as you end your day. Let the choice be random.

Step 5:  After you say the word and read the quote, create a question you will ask yourself that will pro-actively move you to action on that word or event.  It would be something like this: “How can I ____ today?” or “What can I do today to __________?”.

To help, here is an example from one of my own exercises:

DoorwaysMy word:  Growth

My image:  A series of open doors (check it out in the post!)

My quote: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading to new paths.” (Walt Disney)

My question: What am I curious about today?

Within 30 days, your relationship with change will (pun alert…) change.  And once that happens, you will become a magnet for opportunities like you have never experienced before.  The key is that you will no longer respond as you do now to the idea of change.  Your mental reflexes will serve you and instead of a defensive response you will enjoy one that brings you what you have created as your new definition of change.

The purpose of using different words is so that we recognize there are many forms and kinds of change and so we open ourselves up to those possibilities.

The purpose of the question is so that when we encounter those possibilities, we immediately begin to ask ourselves how we can embrace them.  It’s not quite like riding your bike, but it’s close.  Once you get it – you’ve got it!

Check back in here with me as well.  We’re always chatting about change in some form and I would love to hear how you’re doing.


It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird:

it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg.

We are like eggs at present.

And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg.

We must be hatched or go bad.

(C.S. Lewis)



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