Sunday’s Song: Behind the music

flock of birds against the setting sunThe selections for each Sunday’s Song post are inspired by different things.  Sometimes it is the song, others  it is the artist.  At times it is the lyrics.  It has also been the video and the story attached to the song. But in each case, there is something distinctive that has inspired me to think, to reflect and in many cases to act. Music is a powerful creative force from the making and in the hearing.

For this week, the inspiration came from the artist’s own notes.  Benjamin Everson is a gifted singer.  He is also a talented technician in the recording studio. Others have done what he does. It’s not unique to him but because he uses only his own voice, the result cannot be anything but uniquely his. He sings alone and he sings a cappella. If that’s a new term for you, it simply means that his “voice” is the only instrument.  No keyboards or brass or woodwinds or percussion.  Just his voice.

He takes a song, usually a known hymn but sometimes music of his own creation, and painstakingly records multiple tracks of himself singing different harmonies.  Those tracks are then merged together so that instead of listening to them alone, you hear them together  That’s the technician’s skill at work.  And often he uses technology to enhance the sounds themselves as a baseline. But not in today’s song.  In today’s song, it is just his voice, recorded and then brought together.  This is one of his original works.

Here is his comment that inspired me:  “Since people have been curious, I wanted to mention that I did not use pitch correction software on any of the harmonies you hear.  It is all real, no computer harmonizers, chorusing effects, etc. Just some rich reverb to give it a ‘cathedral effect’. I am not against the use of those things, but I chose not to use any of them on this song.  Sometimes, it’s just nice to let the human voice do its own thing!”

And those words inspired me.  Because as humans, we can often get caught up in today’s technologies and all the many things that are now possible.  And those can all be good and valuable things.  But sometimes, it’s just nice to let the “human” do its own thing.  So today, let’s get back to that.  Let’s let our voices do their own thing.  Let’s speak and sing and share.  In our own voice.



  1. Absolutely beautiful. Talents used for the Lord always bless.

  2. Larri Twmpleton says:

    Thanks Ben, you are a blessing!

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