Sunday’s Song: A Vision and Mission for Music

At times, for the Sunday’s Song series on the blog I re-visit performers that continue to astonish and impress me with their mastery and message. Today is one of those times. The Piano Guys are in fact perhaps at or certainly near the top of that list.  Their music is a blend of original works and covers. Their collaborations are as eclectic as their song choices. And yet, they all serve the same purpose: to create a pause for us in life that refreshes and inspires us with beauty and reminds us just what is possible.

The Piano Guys are currently on a quest to bring us something more.  They are bringing to life their own dream of filming their videos and playing their music at each of the Seven Wonders of the World. It began with The Great Wall of China and continues here with the statue Christ the Redeemer built in the 1920’s on the peak of a cliff overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue soars as high as a ten story building, stretches 100 feet wide and weighs over 1.4 million pounds.  This man-made wonder is paired in the video with a nearby natural wonder, Iguazu Falls, 275 waterfalls that stretch across 1.7 miles. God’s wonder and man’s wonder brought together with their original arrangement pairing the hymn “How Great Thou Art” with “Gabriel’s Oboe” (theme for the movie “The Mission”).

Throughout this piece there are reminders that while incredible beauty and sounds abound all around us, as creative beings we still have an innate need to not only create, but to continuously hone those skills. And now and then, miracle moments happen.



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