From hope to faith…part leap, part tight-rope

Tight Rope WalkIf you want someone to act, give them hope.  That is the cornerstone of every effective marketing plan in existence.  Regardless of seller or buyer or product or idea, for us to act, we need to have sufficient hope that there will be an outcome that we want.

By definition, hope is the belief that something “can” be true or “can” happen.¬† It is possible.¬† It may not¬†be probable but it is possible.

And we want that assurance before we invest ourselves. Before we do the work. Because some work is pretty daunting.

So the greater the hope, the greater the chance will be that I will actually take the necessary steps and make the sacrifices.  There is a price for every promise after all.

But how is hope different from faith? It’s subtle but important.¬†And it is what will make the real difference.

When I have hope, I believe it can happen.¬† But when I have faith I believe it will happen.¬† That’s¬†true motivation.¬† And that is why faith is not just about the initial leap.¬† It is walking the tight-rope of life knowing you are going to make it through.

Hope can help us take the first step, but only with faith will we be able to keep walking.

I’m not as careful with hope as I am with faith.¬† Hope is easy.¬† Faith takes work.¬† But faith is where the promise comes true.

Where do you need to take the leap and get on the tight-rope of faith?¬†Are you ready to go from¬†“I can” to “I will”? Once you are, before you know it, you will say “I have.”

What I love about the process is that the more we do this, the easier it gets to really believe and have faith in what we can do – the difference we can make not just in our own lives but in the lives of others and ultimately in the world.

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