Abracadabra: The Power of Words

Anyone who has watched a magician perform has heard the word abracadabra.  It is indelibly linked to transformation.  Magical change.

According to Wikipedia, its origins are in the Aramaic language.  The original word has two parts:  “ibra” which means “I have created” and “k’dibra” which means “through my speech”.

How fantastic that one of the most well known words associated with transformational magic means “I have created through my speech”. 

As a writer, it is always my desire to illustrate, to instruct, to inspire, to entertain.  As a reader, it is my desire to experience the same in return.

The telling of the story, even within non-fiction is like being the unseen tour guide that transports someone from where they are to another place.  When reading fiction, that is essential.  We want to be transported – to another place, another life, another world.

While reading non-fiction may be more akin to being transformed, it still transports us to a new place.  In either case, what we read is as powerful as an “abracadabra” experience.

Whether we are fully aware of it or not, the written information we take in does influence the way we think, believe, speak and act.  The words of others can help us see other points of view.  And to see (and hear..) not only new thoughts, but new ways of expressing old thoughts.

New words, new phrases, new points of view.  In every genre, that is the case.

What will you create through your speech?  Unleash your inner magician.   Write.  Speak.  Create.



About Kathi Laughman

Referred to by her clients as “The Plan B to Z Expert”, Kathi inspires them to see beyond probabilities to possibilities. They are stronger, happier and more financially secure than ever before. The result is the creation of far more value in the rest of their story than they ever dreamed possible. She serves professionals committed to continuously creating new pathways to success and significance.

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