Motivation on Monday: It’s Possible

There are some people that have the gift of inspiration.  Les Brown has always been one of those people for me.  I had the privilege of hearing him speak in person earlier this year. Such a gift!

The video being shared with this post from him mostly depicts physical possibilities but the message from Les is universal.  The parallels run through everything in our lives.

To live our possibilities, we must stop living based on what we see as limitations.  That also includes the probabilities.  To achieve our full potential, we have to let go of probabilities and reach for the possibilities.

In the message, Les shares that the word “but” is just an argument for our limitations.  And as long as we argue for them, we get to keep them.  When we stop arguing for them, they stop limiting us.  We begin to embrace what we can be with hope.  And where there is hope, we take action.  And where we take action, we get results.

Take 10 minutes on this Monday and allow yourself the gift of the message from Les Brown that it is possible.  Whatever it is that you want to achieve.  It is possible.  It’s not going to magically appear.  It takes work, hard work.  And perseverance and support.  But it is possible.  You are possible. Have hope, get to work.

I am possible.  So are you.

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