Sunday’s Song: Seeking a new perspective

When I think about Sundays, what I value is communion, reflection, music, words and community. These values have developed over a lifetime of Sundays. But in reality, those are my values everyday.  Sunday is just the day I have set aside to celebrate those values. The day we choose is not important.  What matters is that we take the time.

Taking time to commune and reflect, alone and within a community, is how new perspectives can be born.  We all need those moments that form the genesis of creating a new lens – a new portal for seeing ourselves, our loved ones, our work, our lives, our world.  Today’s music video selection focuses on the idea of perspective and how things shift depending on what we allow ourselves to see, or even not to see.  It’s an incredible work and worthy of sharing.

The video (Doug Urquhart) itself is stunning.  When coupled with the music of Michael Wynne and the words of Meghan J. Ward it goes beyond the visual to the compelling . Expand your screen and let the images and words soak in. Borrowing from the title, make this a moment for beholding the world anew.

What a wonderful moment to take us into the week. For this week, let Sunday’s song also be Monday’s message so that when we return to our routines, we can once again see that world of our childhood and as Meghan exhorts us: be captivated, enthralled, awed.

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