Today is your BEST day!

A thought leader that is in my personal Wisdom Well and someone I consider a mentor is Robin Sharma. In some of the early trainings I went through with him I began incorporating what has grown into this statement into my morning quiet time and journal writings:

“Every day, in every way I am growing wiser, stronger, healthier, wealthier. Today will be my best day.”

It is the first part of the mantra that makes the second part true. As we come into each day we bring with us all of the strength and wisdom of every day that came before.  We have this incredible bank of experience and knowledge that is unique to us and that moment in our lives.  All we have to do is learn and leverage to make every day our best day.  That does not diminish the value of any day that came before.  To the contrary, it honors them by building on them.

On my desk is a canvas art piece by Bonnie Mohr that includes a striking image of a tree.  It is a mature tree with wide full branches.  You just know that it is the keeper of many secrets and dreams.  When I see a tree, what comes to mind are both roots and growth.  We begin and then we grow.  And how we handle our environment and all of the elements thrown at us has a great deal to do with how we grow:  Our shape, size and even character.  This tree has a strong character.

The art includes these words as a caption: “Nobody can go back and start a new BEGINNING, but ANYONE can start today and make a new ENDING.”  So many things change throughout our lives.  How those things impact our story is up to us.  We cannot begin again.  We’ve already started.  I would not even want to.  If I started again, I would lose all of the lessons I have learned.  But I can start today on a new chapter and the ending can be whatever I choose for it to be.  And the most marvelous part – it doesn’t really ever end.  We just keep living.  We just keep growing and discovering new horizons.  What a marvelous life we have been given.

Are you ready for your best day? Are you ready for today?

Best Days

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