Word Swap: The Power of Perspective

The Right Questions

Sometimes changing one word in a question is all you need to change your perspective.  And most of the time, changing our perspective is all we need to change our life.

Here is a very simple (and perhaps familiar!) question:

How can I get out of this?  Can you sense the panic? The desperation? Have you been there?

Now let’s look at the first word of the question and replace it and see what happens.

When we change the word “how” to “when” for example, it would seem be more definite. And assumptive of an outcome.

When can I get out of this?   Already feels better doesn’t it? There is an assumption that you WILL get out of it.  It’s just a matter of time.

But there’s a better word swap that will completely shift the situation.  Let’s change “how” to “what”:

What can I get out of this?  A completely different perspective.  And we only changed one word.

But that one word shifts the entire thing.  And with that, you shift your day, your week, your life.

The right question matters.  The right words matter. What questions are you asking that may need some word swapping?



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