The miracle of perspective: The beauty of change in progress

If we go back to the beginning of this year and play the movie we created with our lives, there will be moments that stand out. And there will be moments our memory may miss. Those moments are still there, they just weren’t captured as vividly. But each in their own way contributed to where we are now. Sometimes the best way to fully understand the depth and beauty of our growth is to think of our life using time lapse photography as a guide.

The video shared below can help. Experience the beauty of change with this incredible time lapse photography project from Czech Republic-based photographer Katka Pruskova.

Coaching insight: Imagine that this reflects our journey of personal growth.  We open up to our world by degrees but there is beauty at every mark in the journey. Whatever our experiences have been this past year, they have contributed to our life today. Each day we lived, we were moving forward in the sequence of growth.

Now imagine that you have the ability to influence and create that change. Because you do. While these images are insightful, the most significant difference is that the flower had no choice; it could and did only react to pre-destined DNA and its environment. We on the other hand have a choice. Every day. Every moment.

What will you choose?

Live well.

Live today like you want tomorrow to be.


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