Client Praise

It is always a joy to know that what we do is making a difference.  That is true for all of us.  At Mackenzie Circle, we help clients achieve a better life, by designing a better day. We live in the moment even as we build for the future. But rather than hearing from us, we thought you might like to hear a few words from a few of those we have worked with recently.

What did we do to earn their trust and praise? We helped them move beyond the limitations of probabilities into the unlimited world of possibilities.  The baby boomer generation has been faced with startling disruptions in their lives, personally and professionally.  The rules have all changed and many of us were not paying attention.  Sometimes we want to hang on to the past because we are so uncertain about the future.

That’s part of why It can be difficult to move from a corporate (competitive) mindset to one of creative thinking and meaningful work.  But it is possible.  Our clients have proven it time and time again.  Here are a few examples:

  • A former assistant vice president is now successful as an event planner (and owner of her own business!)  and significant because of the charity events she organizes.
  • A manufacturing plant production manager has re-engineered his skills and now owns his own production:  a specialty bakery.   His work with a local food bank has delivered on significance.
  • A former high school principal is a now highly paid and in demand corporate trainer.  As a volunteer with a local development group that focuses on young women professionals she is still giving back and working with the youth of the community.

None of these people had considered what they do now as a possibility for themselves. They each had their professional lives disrupted by events beyond their control. They had to grow a new life in a new place, on a new playing field. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the light in someone’s eyes when a brain storming session creates that “spark” of an idea and wakes up or re-invigorates forgotten or underutilized talents and gifts.  When they can see the balance of developing themselves as they find ways to give back it is priceless!

When we grow ourselves, we grow our lives. That is what makes this so incredibly powerful. There is truly no limit to what we can accomplish because we can each bring something new, even from the same starting point.


Notes of Praise:

“I had been thinking “around” all of the things….but you really helped my gain clarity. It was a huge breakthrough for me.”  (Jennifer M.)

“The mind shift after I spoke with you was incredible.  What a boost for my confidence.  You held the torch for me until I could see the path back to my truth.  That was priceless!!!  Thank you!!!” (Barbara V.)

“I recommend Kathi because she is passionate, knowledgeable, has an eye for details and is just plain fun to collaborate with! Working with her is an adventure!” (Andrea W.)

“Kathi accepts accountability, communicates with integrity and is transparent in her desire to guide clients to not only do things right, but do the right things.” (Don J.)

 “Kathi’s expertise is exceptional. Her laid-back, informative way of sharing her experiences relaxes people. She has a proven track-record and is a gifted mentor.  I would not hesitate to work with her in the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with and learning from Kathi.” (Connie W.)

“Kathi is a strong thought leader with clear vision. Her intricate knowledge of business is incredible. Her mentorship helped us to implement projects with great success. She can transform any kind of team into high performance. She provides very effective solutions that benefit organizations in the long term.”  (Kevin M.)

“Kathi is an exceptional individual and partner. She brings a combination of innovative techniques, superior leadership and communication skills that drive success.” (Scott G.)

“Kathi Laughman is one of the most insightful and articulate thought leaders that we have seen.  She has an amazing ability to develop and present information in a manner that inspires critical thinking and gets to the core of turning challenges into opportunity.” (Kyle Pertuis, Founder of gameCHANGE: Elite Athlete’s Coaching for Life)