Why I save this magazine….

What do you save? I’m not typically a saver of magazines outside of Success Magazine. But there is one magazine that is different. I have now saved it for almost ten years.

A lot has happened in my life since the fall of 2007. Some of those events brought changes that were significant, in fact life changing.

I’ve settled into my empty nest and welcomed two more grand-girls into my life; faced a daunting personal health scare and won; lost a job I loved and started my own company; contributed to 5 best-selling books and helped launch numerous others for other authors; gone back to college and earned a degree; completed a life coach training program and received certification from the International Coaching Federation; met some life mentors such as Darren Hardy, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hanson and Kyle Wilson to name a few; joined an insanely talented group of people in Kyle’s inaugural Inner Circle Master Mind; was a featured writer in two women’s magazines; launched this blog; got my first pet (Bre!); joined some life mentors and helped successfully launch another supply chain company; and, helped hundreds of folks in their own journeys decide what they wanted and create effective plans to achieve it – as just a few of the things that are on the highlight reel for the decade between 50 and 60 for me.

Yes- I’ve been busy. But nothing on that list is anything that I would have predicted in 2007. At times it felt like I was on the scariest or most thrilling of roller coasters and at others the experience was more akin to a bumper car ride. This way – no that way – hey where did you come from?!

Why share all of this? And what does it have to do with my magazine treasure? It’ is that recently I’ve been reminded anew that things that are seemingly small can and do have a larger impact.

Here’s an example. Through all of this has been this particular magazine from the fall of 2007 (yes! almost 10 years ago!) that has been guarded as a treasured possession.

What magazine? This one comes from Better Homes and Gardens. It is their Fall 2007 edition of Beautiful Homes – Architecture That Endures. There are pictures and images of blueprints in this edition of what has come to be my dream home. A lot has changed since then but that vision has held steady. Over the years I have gone through the pages and even after almost ten years, there isn’t anything about this home that doesn’t appeal to me. That tells me that this is more than just a few photographs. It means something. I saw something in this home that spoke to me.

Like you, given what a new year brings, I’ve been giving thought to my current vision for the future.  I went back this week to those treasured pages but this time I asked myself what it was in each image that spoke to me and why. I began to realize that although I don’t own that specific property, a number of things I love about it I have created in my life right here in my current spot on planet earth. What we hold in our mind we really do begin to create. I have no doubt that my future holds everything that my vision holds. It may not look exactly the same, but the idea, concept and emotion will align. This magazine from 2007 has proven that for me yet again. That’s why our vision for our life is so crucial.

I cannot remember the last time I looked forward to a new year more. My life is blessed beyond measure. The possibilities are endless. I am surrounded with people that I love and admire and are working to make our world better one day and one person at a time.  I am not just living toward my future, I am living it now each day and it is good. And a few more things about that house will get created.

Live today like you want tomorrow to be. Live well.



Do you spend or invest? A declaration for 2017

How does a word guide us? Can it clarify intention? Create influence and focus? Yes, yes and yes!

The beginning of the miracle happens when we choose a symbolic word around the over-arching and current intention we have for our life.

Its fundamental purpose is to influence our choices and sharpen our focus.

Do we need one? In short, no we don’t. It’s just a tool. But think about it. The right tool for anything we do makes it possible to execute with greater ease and efficiency. And once you’ve found such a tool, you keep coming back to it.

The selection of an annual guidance word is a practice I started a number of years ago. Their influence in shaping my choices and outcomes is easily identified. I can also see where the intention of the word became part of my personal belief system and part of my life’s fabric.

During one of my most challenging years my chosen word was gratitude. It was a difficult time. There was a significant amount of fear and pain, for myself and those dear to me. The antidote? Gratitude. I’m sure you’ve heard it said and I can attest that you cannot be fearful and grateful at the same time. If we were to compare the two contrasting emotions to a rock, paper, scissors contest – gratitude is the one that would always win. Even though it was some time ago that it was in my word rotation, gratitude remains a core value in my life. The habits I installed that year are now well embedded life practices and continue to serve me every day.

Admittedly, there have also been years where I chose a word as an exercise but never fully adopted it into my daily routines. It wasn’t long before I did not even think about that word. A practice recently discovered that helps counter that risk is expanding the idea of a guidance word to a guidance statement or proclamation. The word is the language symbol of the overall thought. This seems to me to have the potential of being even more effective. We don’t just choose and declare the word – we choose and declare its meaning to us.

As I am reflecting back on 2016 and looking forward to 2017, I recognize that an expanded bridge is definitely in order. This past year I focused on creating space; on letting go. It was a year centered on challenging the choices in my life in every area. I gave myself permission to question everything and let go of anything that no longer served my best life and work. It was daunting in some moments but in the end, it generated the result I needed.

That result? Space. The ability to see past life’s clutter and discover what truly matters to me and why. Finding room to breathe and allow myself to expand my perspective and possibilities.

What then is next? How to invest that space in a more meaningful way.


Think about this with me for a moment. This is the pivot point for me. Do you invest or do you spend? I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about all of your resources. Your energy, time, emotion and yes, your money. Everything. The idea that how we do anything is how we do everything comes to mind. If we are predominantly spenders in one area, chances are pretty high that’s our level of discipline in other areas as well.

My conclusion? I’ve definitely been on the spender side of the spectrum. Even though I work as a strategist, all too often I’m making choices in my life that are based on expediency or convenience. This shows up in my health, my calendar and yes, those pesky finances!

Once I cleared enough space to see the reality, the next question was this: Will I continue to just spend or will I balance that with investment?

We all know that spending is a natural course of getting through life. But when that’s all we do, we limit ourselves and what we can achieve. Nothing can compound until we invest. And without compounding, we will soon lack momentum.

It’s time to invest.

Here then is my declaration for 2017:

  • I am invested in my spiritual well being and communion with my Maker.
  • I am invested in my physical well being and daily practices that produce optimal health.
  • I am invested in my financial well being and take full responsibility for my future.
  • I am invested in my relationships and nurture the people in my life.
  • I am invested in my work and achieve continued mastery in my craft.
  • I am invested in my community and make a difference every day.
  • I am invested in my environment and honor what is entrusted to me.
  • I am invested.

Even as I was writing this the thought deepened. I recognized that the idea of investment brings complete clarity to what I have been talking about for some time. To have the tomorrow we want, we must act on those desires today. That is investment in its highest form. We invest in the tomorrow we want today. We make that investment with every thought and action.

Live (invest) today like you want tomorrow to be. Live (invest) well.


Re-gifting revisited. . .

If you were a fan of the Seinfeld television sitcom you will remember the iconic episode where the term re-gifting was born. If you haven’t ever seen it – you should do some due diligence and find it. A classic!

Since then re-gifting has taken on a life-form of its own. Search the word and you will find an unlimited number of articles teaching us the rules of re-gifting.

Yes- there are rules! Even the articles have a comedic flair.  One of my favorites and most practical comes from Dave Ramsey’s blog post 10 Rules of Regifting.

I’ve been giving thought to this of late in terms of what it is we would choose to re-gift. Throughout this past year an area of focus for me has been letting go. In some cases, beliefs that were not serving my best life and work, in others habits that were comfort zones but not driving excellence. But it was also about things. Including things that had special meaning for me. Why let them go? Because letting them go to the right person at the right time allowed me to create a stronger bond and continue a legacy.

One particular item was a small statue I gifted to my Dad many years ago depicting the safety of a father’s arms. When he died, my Mom re-gifted back to each of us the things we had given him. It was a lovely thing for her to do as we could now have those as remembrances of special times with him. The thought occurred to me that those items could now be an incredible re-gifting opportunity. The statue went to one of my brothers who has borne a special mantle of protection for my nephew through cancer to the miracle of healing. I don’t know that I could have given him anything more meaningful.

There have been other opportunities as well and through all this the spirit of what gifting is all about was made fresh and new for me and, I believe, for the recipients.

My library has been another great source of gifts now in the libraries of others with my sincere hope that they learn from them and continue them on their way. Lives don’t change because of what sits on our shelves. They change because of what we allow into our hearts and minds and then share with others.

After a year of focus around this idea of finding new homes and owners for treasured gifts it has become more natural. What is most remarkable is the shift from it being about giving anything up to the joy of investing into others. When we do that, the dividends are endless. It is absolutely true that as we invest in others through our gifts, we find we in fact have more to give.

The idea of re-gifting revisited. Instead of it being about things we don’t need or want, let it be about things that have meaning and allow them to contribute to the lives of others. As we go into the new year, let’s focus on what we can contribute, what we can share with others and find significance there.

In the words of the incomparable Albert Einstein: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value.”

Live (gift) today like you want tomorrow to be. Live (gift) well.

Merry Christmas!

Birds on Christmas Tree

Abracadabra: What will you create?

CreateRecently I was privileged to hear David Bayer, author of Mind Hack and creator of The Powerful Living Experience speak at a conference I was attending.

He asserts that we begin to understand our true potential when we recognize that at their core, our beliefs are nothing more than decisions.

Whenever we want to change our mindset or belief about something, particularly ourselves, it’s not complicated. It just means we must make a different decision.

Think about that for a moment. It’s an incredibly powerful concept.

Since hearing him speak I’ve been thinking about new decisions that I want to make about myself and my life as I move into the next season. A word came to mind that has always fascinated me because of its origin: Abracadabra. A magician’s word. A word used to conjure up an experience of delight and wonder. Isn’t that what we all want from our lives?

Where does the word originate? An ancient language and phrase avra kehdabra, which means “I will create as I speak”.

Just imagine! We can speak new decisions into existence. Those decisions in turn create a new perspective and reality. It is what makes our words so powerful.

What will we create as we speak?

What magic, delight and wonder will we bring to life for ourselves and our world?

What is our personal abracadabra?

We must choose wisely! And then get ready for magic!

Begin with the end in mind. Decide today what you want tomorrow to be.  Then live that. Create that. Live well.


Let us give thanks…


For the beauty and abundance of the earth,

For family near and far,

For friends old and new,

For the gift of each new day,

For the chance to make a difference,

Let us give thanks.

There are so many blessings for which I am thankful. Being able to be a part of your life is one of them. Thank you for sharing the journey.

Live today like you want tomorrow to be. Live well.